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Welcome to Deliciously Different Fudge.

For almost 30 years we have been creating our original recipes for the best mouth watering made from scratch fudge available. Even though we supply everything from museums to farm markets we typically supply gourmet chocolate shops that have worked to have a high quality fudge and chocolate to serve their customers. As their business has grown they find it is no longer practical to try and do everything. That is the purpose behind Deliciously Different. We can supply your fudge for your customer to still enjoy a quality fudge that has not been made from a powdered mix! We make our fudge from scratch in large copper kettles so you have the same quality to offer your customers that you started with. Give us a call and we'll have fudge to stock your store the following week at your door!

We have over 40 flavors and continually strive to add new and exciting flavors to our list. Looking for a particular flavor? Ask us and maybe we can create just what your looking for! We have everything from the traditional chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate nut to gourmet chocolate cheesecake, jamoca mud slide, and a whole array in between.

We are 3 generations working together in a family business. We also have retail stores so we know it is important to keep the same quality time after time. We provide not only an excellent quality but a good price and reliable delivery. We cook to order so we request your orders in by Wed or Thursday for delivery to your shop the following week. This will provide you the very freshest fudge available. Our goal is to cook and ship rather then to pull off a warehouse shelf like so many others. We ask that you allow us extra time in the holiday season and in Sept.

If you are just looking for some great fudge for yourself and do not own a business please call our order line at (330) 854-4400, and our retail store will be happy to ship one of our many flavors of our made from scratch fudge to you.